First Grade Math Practice Worksheets

Through our 1st grade math worksheets, students start by learning numbers 1 to 12. They compare and order these numbers before moving onto addition and subtraction. Similarly, the students will also learn basic concepts of geometry, including plane and solid figures. The students will then learn to count up to 100 and study number patterns. They are introduced to relationships between fives and tens, and tens and ones. They will be able to recognize and count money. The basic concepts of measurement and time help the students in their daily life. Using our 1st grade math worksheets, students will also learn to solve the problems of addition and subtraction facts up to 18. Data, graphs and fraction identification will also be an essential part of the curriculum. After every 4 lessons, the students will get one revision worksheet, and at the end they will review lesson 1 to 14 and lesson 15 to 27. These revisions will help them to remember the entire course. The Math Challenges sections are reserved for high-achieving students.

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Worksheet # Topics/Curriculum # of Pages Sample
Lesson 1 Numbers Exploration to 12 21 pages
Lesson 2 Number Comparing and Ordering 20 pages
Lesson 3 Addition Exploration Part I 20 pages
Lesson 4 Addition Exploration Part II 21 pages
Lesson 5 Subtraction Exploration Part I 21 pages
Lesson 6 Subtraction Exploration Part II 20 pages
Lesson 7 Introducing Five and Ten Relationships 17 pages
Lesson 8 Learning Addition Facts up to 12 20 pages
Lesson 9 Learning Subtraction Facts up to 12 17 pages
Lesson 10 Introduction to Geometry Part I 22 pages
Lesson 11 Introduction to Geometry Part II 19 pages
Lesson 12 Understanding Patterns 19 pages
Lesson 13 Exploring Number Patterns and Counting to 100 Part I 21 pages
Lesson 14 Exploring Number Patterns and Counting to 100 Part II 21 pages
Lesson 15 Understanding Tens and Ones 23 pages
Lesson 16 Number Comparison and Ordering to 100 20 pages
Lesson 17 Introduction to Money Counting 20 pages
Lesson 18 Counting Money 18 pages
Lesson 19 Measurement Concepts Part I 21 pages
Lesson 20 Measurement Concepts Part II 21 pages
Lesson 21 How to Tell Time Part I 19 pages
Lesson 22 How to Tell Time Part II 20 pages
Lesson 23 Introducing Addition Facts to 18 20 pages
Lesson 24 Introducing Subtraction Facts to 18 18 pages
Lesson 25 Data and Graphs Exploration 19 pages
Lesson 26 Identifying Fractions 19 pages
Lesson 27 Addition and Subtraction Using Tens and Ones 20 pages
Review 1-4 Review of Lessons 1-4 15 pages
Review 5-8 Review of Lessons 5-8 18 pages
Review 9-12 Review of Lessons 9-12 16 pages
Review 13-16 Review of Lessons 13-16 16 pages
Review 17-20 Review of Lessons 17-20 15 pages
Review 21-24 Review of Lessons 21-24 16 pages
Review 1-14 Review of Lessons 1-14 17 pages
Review 15-27 Review of Lessons 15-27 18 pages