Mental Math

Mental Math is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that develops highly effective and engaging math learning programs. This includes a variety of carefully designed timed math worksheets and workbooks for pre-K through high school. With Mental Math, students are engaged, teachers are empowered, and technology is leveraged to provide the highest quality math education available.


Our mission is to provide FREE, world-class math education to anyone, anywhere. We aim to achieve this with our timed, step-by-step math worksheets and progressive math books that have been created specially to inspire children to learn math, practice math and master all math concepts. Our ultimate hope is that our programs lead to a lifetime of academic and career success, with NO kids left behind!


The vision of Mental Math is to develop a world class supplemental math curriculum, which includes, math worksheets and math practice workbooks that caters to the unique need of each and every student. Every student should have the opportunity to learn math, love math and develop a foundation, from which they can confidently learn and grow and take their math ability to the next level.

Message To Parent

Dear Parents,


You have taken a huge step toward improving the math skill of your child. Simply follow the steps to make effective use of our specialized materials. The Mental Math program is a specially designed step-by-step math learning system that will take your child's understanding of maths to higher levels without them even noticing. It’s as simple as following the program.

Our Story

Make sure to read the story behind Mental L Math to find out how the concept of the program was born and how we can help your save you both time and money.

We are parents, just like you. Our children are also dear to us and we want to see them do their best and become successful in life. We understand the importance of strong math fundamentals for our children to succeed in their academic career.

It was only a few years ago that we began looking for the ideal math program to help with our children with their studies. We were in regular contact with various math tutoring programs, such as Kumon, Sylvan, Aloha and Mathnasium, among many others.

After many months of research, we finally chose a math center for our children. However, it wasn’t long before we were frustrated with the drive to and from the learning center. We live busy lives and have to factor in work, sport the gym and other activities in our lives.

We were spending hours waiting and driving every day. Soon after, we found that a number of tutors in these centers were unqualified and underprepared. They were just high school and college students looking to make extra money. These programs can cost anywhere from $100 - $500 + a month. When we factored in the time spent driving, unqualified tutors and the exorbitant fees we decided that enough was enough.

We decided to create a math program that would both save parents time and money, and provide a quality education. This is where the idea of MENTAL Math found its foundational roots.

During our planning and creation phase, we created a comprehensive list of requirements that must be met by this math program. The list is as follows:
  • Each child is to have the ability to begin from their math skill level
  • Available to children from all skill levels
  • Comprehensively and completely covers the curriculum
  • Help children achieve higher math skills in a step-by-step aprocess
  • Each program to have sufficient math problems without any repetition
  • Samples to allow children to learn the problem solving techniques
  • Encourage each child to learn math and build self-learning habits
  • Provide a challenge
The results We put our team to the test and commenced extensive online research to find a math program that met all the above requirements. We searched hundreds of websites, including, and so many more. We even became paying members of these sites for full access, only to end up frustrated and disappointed. We found the following through our research:
  • Insufficient math problems and practice sheets
  • An incomplete math curriculum
  • A lack of guidance and instructions
  • Disorderly flow of problems
  • Haphazard and disorganized worksheets
  • Repeated math problems
  • Monthly membership payments - even when the program is not used

Three Types of worksheets

We created three Types of Math Worksheets to meet all the needs of the children

From someone struggling to learn math to highly talented students looking for challenging math problems, we have put together a vast range of math worksheets, covering all math concepts and all levels of learning.

Timed Mental Math Worksheets (Level 1-10)

Starting from pre-k (or even pre-school) to level 10, these specialized timed mental math worksheets help students learn math from the beginning, at their own ability and own pace. The worksheets will foster their mathematical understanding, allowing the students to grow step-by-step, while mastering each concept along the way.

Timed Worksheets by Topics (Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, Division ..etc)

Is your child struggling in any area of maths? Are you looking for specially crafted practice worksheets so that your child can improve their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, decimal, integer and equations?

When completing these carefully designed timed worksheets, students choose a particular topic and start problem solving at their own ability level. This allows the student to progress without the added stress. The student practices each problem repeatedly until they master the concept and then they are ready to move to the next level. Research has found that this pressure free, step-by-step learning environment allows students to excel quicker than the average student in a classroom environment.

Basic Math Practice Worksheets (Grade 1- Grade 6)

Our specialized math worksheets are based on the standard international math curriculum, however, we also offer extra math problem solving questions to help students master the concepts and gain confidence. We have created these resources for both students who are struggling with maths and also those who want to excel. Our aim is to provide the best mathematical resources on the market and help all math learners increase their ability through a tried and trusted step-by-step program.

How to Use our worksheets

Step 1: Starting Level: Let’s Start from a Lower Level (or any comfortable level)

We recommend that your child begins working on the timed mental math Level 1 worksheets(or any level lower than children’s actual math ability). Alternatively, your child can start from any level they feel comfortable.

When you start from Level 1 (or any lower / comfortable level), your child will have the opportunity to review math concepts and develop confidence. This helps build a strong math foundation before moving to more complex problems. Through research we have found that a solid foundation with a firm understanding of the fundamentals is key.

Step 2: Repeat Program Until Concept Is Mastered:

At mental math, we believe in repetition and mastering the concept. For this reason we have created 2-5 minute timed worksheets. Our carefully designed worksheets are based on the principle of repetitive practice. We believe that repetition builds a deeper understanding, and therefore confidence, which will boost your child's ability and enthusiasm. Therefore, each program features a suggested time frame (2-5 mins) and an accuracy percentage requirement to successfully complete the lesson. Encourage your child to meet the time and accuracy goals listed on each program.

Step 3: Never Rush Through Levels

We understand that you want to see your child improve his or her math skills and advance to the higher levels as fast as possible. However, the reality is that developing math skills (or any skills in life) takes considerable time. Moving through the steps quickly is not the answer. A gradual pace with repetition is a tried and trusted method for building fundamentals and a solid mathematical skills foundation. Therefore, we suggest you encourage your child to keep working on the same worksheet until he/she has fully mastered the concept. In some cases, your child will be able to complete the program accurately and quickly. If this occurs, you may allow him/her to move up a level.

Recommendation: If your child seems to be struggling with a program, we suggest that they move back one level and repeat the previous program until they are ready to move up again.

Step:4 More About Mental Math

Mental Math worksheets and books are specialized and unique. They are not like the regular kind of math books available on the market. Our timed worksheets and books follow rigorous standards that have been supplemented by the math curriculum. The programs have been adapted to meet the unique requirements of each student, so that every student can develop the essential foundations and conceptual understanding they need to move to the next level and excel.

At Mental Math we believe that every child learns differently and at their own pace. We understand that their are highly competent students who excel in mathematics, while there are others that struggle. We have specially formulated worksheets to cater to this. So, if you are looking for a math skill enhancement program to take your child's math abilities to the next level, not matter their ability, then Mental Math is for you.

Why Mental Math?

There are hundreds of math worksheet and workbooks on the market. Why choose mental math? Here are just a few benefits and features of the mental math worksheets that makes Mental Math stand out from the competition.

We offer timed math worksheets

Our timed math practice worksheets offer your child the opportunity to work step–by–step, so he/she can master the concept in the given time and speed. This promotes your child's ability to naturally move to a higher level without noticing.

Children can begin from their level of understanding

We do not push children or create pressure. Studies show that children can not learn to their full ability under pressure. We have designed our worksheets in such a way that that your child can start from his/her comfort level, practice, develop comfort at that level, then move to a higher level.

Weak in particular topics?

Does your child need help with particular math topics, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc..? Our timed worksheets are the perfect solution for your child. These specific worksheets allow your child to choose an area where he/she likes to sharpen skills, develop confidence, increase their knowledge and move to a higher level.

Want extra math work for your child?

Do you think the home work received by your kids is not sufficient? Do you want more math work for your children, so they can stand out from the crowd and excel at school? Our (not time) grade-based math practice worksheet is the perfect solution.

Based on the standard international math curriculum, these rigorous and in-depth math worksheets offer math problem solving opportunities for students, which will help them to master the concepts and gain the confidence that they need.

We offer three different kinds of math worksheets to meet the need to your child.

We offer comprehensive curriculum

When you search for math worksheets on the internet, you will find many companies offering worksheets that do not cover the curriculum or all the topics required to master the subject. Many of them are unprofessional and have no clue about what topics to cover or about the best learning techniques.

At Mental math, we offer complete and comprehensive coverage of the math curriculum. Our curriculum was created by math curricular experts with the soul aim to offer complete coverage of all math topics, so your child can master each and every math concept.

See the detail of curriculum we offer

Curriculum for Timed Mental Math worksheets

Curriculum for Timed By Topics Curriculum

Curriculum for math by grade curriculum

We offer many math practice worksheets (8-25 pages for each unit)

Kids can’t master the concepts without putting in the practice. Unfortunately, many math worksheets and programs do not cater to this.. When you search for math worksheets on the internet you will find a wide variety of results, however they have many problems, such as:

  • Low quality and not enough math problems or practice sheets
  • No guidance about starting and end points
  • Absence of orderly flow when solving problems
  • Haphazard and disorganized worksheets that confuse the children
  • Repeated questions
  • Monthly membership payments - even when the program is not used

We offer 8-25 pages of (step-by-step) math problem solving worksheets for each and every unit / concept, giving each student ample opportunities to practice math, gain confidence, excel and develop great math skills. Our math worksheets also include examples, tutoring video links and a variety of challenging problems that will allow your child to be ahead of the class for the first time ever.

Please see some of our practice samples

Highly Affordable – You will save money and time

Are you driving your child to Kumon, Sylvan, Mathnasium or another similar private tutoring center and paying $100-$500 + a month for tutoring?

With our cost effective worksheets you will save a fortune. Our worksheets cost only $1-2 for 8-25 pages! Even if you purchase 20 worksheets a month, it will only cost you $20-40. The time savings are obvious. And, there’s absolutely no wasted time with nowhere to drive, saving you hours every week!

We offer video tutorial for students

Are you worried that your kids may need the help of a tutor to solve a problem? Don’t worry! We have quality video tutorials. I You can teach/guide your kids to solve many of the basic level questions. However, for higher level concepts (even for primary level) we have a range of tried and trusted video tutorials and teaching videos from the Khan academy and other qualified sources. No matter what topic or question, our video tutorials will guide your child through, giving them the best education you can find.

Spend quality time with your children

Are you tired of wasting your time and driving to math learning facilities, like Kumon, Sylvan, Mathnasium and others? How many hours a week are you spending driving and waiting? Are you tired of not knowing whether or not your child's math tutor is actually qualified or even cares about your child's grades?

Try downloading one of our worksheets or guides now and encourage your child to solve problems and enjoy spending some quality time with them. Watch them learn and grow right before your eyes. This opportunity will not only allow your child to excel in math in a practical way, but will also allow you to form a bond with them, while spending extra time by their side at home.