Timed Addition Worksheets

Our math addition worksheets cover the addition concepts which children can use to learn quickly and effectively. First, students will practice by writing numbers 1 – 19. Following that they will begin addition exercises, adding 1 to all numbers up to 999. This will continue for numbers 2, 3, 4, and onward with each exercise adding increasing variety and complexity to challenge the students’ abilities. By the end of the exercises, the students will have demonstrated the skills necessary to solve advanced addition problems including adding three numbers and adding up to five digit numbers. World problems in each unit of all 40 units help students not only add numbers, but also help them solve daily life problems.

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Worksheet # Topics/Curriculum # of Pages Sample
Unit-1 Adding 1 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-2 Adding 1 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-3 Adding 1 Sum up to Hundred 8 pages
Unit-4 Adding 1 Sum up to Thousand 8 pages
Unit-5 Adding 2 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-6 Adding 2 Sum up to Thirty 8 pages
Unit-7 Adding 2 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-8 Adding 3 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-9 Adding 3 Sum up to Thirty 8 pages
Unit-10 Adding 3 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-11 Adding up to 3 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-12 Adding up to 3 Sum up to Thirty 8 pages
Unit-13 Adding up to 3 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-14 Adding 4 Sum up Twenty 8 pages
Unit-15 Adding 4 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-16 Adding 5 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-17 Adding 5 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-18 Adding up to 5 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-19 Adding up to 5 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-20 Adding 6 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-21 Adding 6 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-22 Adding 7 Sum up to Twenty 8 pages
Unit-23 Adding 7 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-24 Adding 8 Sum up to Thirty 8 pages
Unit-25 Adding 8 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-26 Adding 6 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-27 Adding 9 and 10 Sum up to Fifty 8 pages
Unit-28 Adding 1 and 2 Digit Numbers 8 pages
Unit-29 Adding 1 and 2 Digit Numbers 8 pages
Unit-30 Adding 1 and 2 Digit Numbers 8 pages
Unit-31 Adding with Tens 8 pages
Unit-32 Adding 2 Digit Numbers without Regrouping 8 pages
Unit-33 Adding 2 Digit Numbers with Regrouping 8 pages
Unit-34 Adding 2 Digit Numbers when Second Number is Smaller 8 pages
Unit-35 Adding 2 Digit Numbers when Second Number is Larger 8 pages
Unit-36 Adding 2 Digit Numbers 8 pages
Unit-37 Adding with Hundreds 8 pages
Unit-38 Adding Tens with Hundreds 8 pages
Unit-39 Adding Ones with Hundreds 8 pages
Unit-40 More problems on Addition 8 pages

9 Best Timed Addition Worksheets

best addition worksheets
Are you searching for the best worksheets to teach addition to your child? Do you need help finding websites that offer the best timed addition worksheets?

Timed math addition worksheets make it easier to teach and learn addition problems through fun and interactive worksheets.

The worksheets allow your child to practice and learn addition in a timely basis. This will enhance your child’s understanding of math problems and solving strategies.

When you search for the best math e-learning sites, you will find thousands that offer printable timed addition worksheets. All of these websites vary in quality, price and experience. This makes searching for the best timed addition worksheets a daunting task.

For this reason we have selected the 9 best websites. Most of these sites offer free printable timed addition worksheets.  This detailed article will help you easily find the information you’re looking for and ultimately support your child by choosing the best resource based on relevant criteria.

Dads Worksheets

About Company:

With over a decade of experience, Dads Worksheets stands out as a great math learning website that provides timed addition worksheets to help kids learn the basics of mathematics without the need of solving complex problems.

According to their website, Dad’s Worksheet has received almost 20 million visitors since their inception.

Their worksheets are perfect for kids who are looking to grasp the basic concepts of mathematics. Your child can learn how to solve different types of math problems and get a true understanding of the fundamentals.

AT Dads Worksheets, you can find many brilliantly created worksheets, which can help them learn various.

About Worksheets:

The timed addition facts worksheets provided on the website of School Sparks contains all the necessary addition problems and questions needed to help young kids learn how to add one and two digit numbers.

These worksheets are specifically targeted to young kids. The worksheets are perfect for any child enrolled in kindergarten and any other higher classes as the problems are easy to understand.

Altogether, there are more than 20 different worksheets on the official website of Dads Worksheets.. Kids can learn a lot about addition simply by going through the free online timed math worksheets available on Dads Worksheets’ website.

Dads Worksheets also offers numerous math educational resources and worksheets to parents and teachers who want to teach addition to their kids and students.

Pros and Cons:

Dad’s Worksheets is the best when it comes to simplicity and effectiveness as The website, however, does have its limitations when it comes to advanced math courses as it only focuses on providing basic and easy worksheets, often with only very simple mathematical problems to solve. Overall, the website is fantastic for learning addition and good for young kids.

Fees and Membership:

Dads Worksheets’ is totally free, offering timed addition worksheets to its users. You can download and print the worksheets available on its website for free without any charge.

Math Drills

About Company:

Math-Drills.com is one of the best kid friendly educational websites that provides over 50 thousand worksheets. The website offers timed addition facts worksheets along with several other types of worksheets on a broad range of topics, including number sense, arithmetic, pre-algebra, geometry, measurement, money concepts and much more.

With the hope of making mathematics a simple and easy to understand subject, Math Drills also provides a few interactive features, like Sudoku and Dots math games, along with flash cards and a unit converter. You can even find a large collection of worksheets based upon grade and skill level.

About Worksheets:

Math Drills.com provides timed test addition worksheets, which are designed to help young kids understand addition by solving different types of problems. The look and design of these worksheets is very appealing with everything kept orderly and without any congestion.

The website for Math Drill basically provides worksheets with one-digit and multi-digit addition problems. Math Drills.com also teaches multi-digit addition using more than one strategy in order to help kids better understand the technicalities of addition and mathematics as a whole.

Pros and Cons:

Math Drills.com has thousands of free timed addition worksheets for teachers and parents. Their timed worksheets have a variety of sizes and options for different number formats.

Due to this, kids can understand the concept of adding two-digit numbers by solving math problems from the various strategies provided in the worksheets.

The homepage of the website looks good and unique due to its eye-catching navigation bar. Moreover, the website also offers wide coverage of important math topics, not just addition. Unfortunately, the website does not focus on grade/level based worksheets.

Fees and Membership:

Math Drills.com is a free math learning website where you can get printable worksheets. The worksheets and other math educational resources can be used without any cost. However, you can place advertisements on the website by paying fee’s to the owner of Math Drills.com.

Aim Math

addition worksheets for kids
About Company:

Aim Math is a great math learning website that teaches the core fundamentals of mathematics to young kids. Aim Math focuses on providing world-class printable addition timed worksheets to kids enrolled in classes from grade 1 to 6. The company dedicates resources to helping kids learn mathematics in a fun and interactive manner.

Aim Math specializes in innovative an interactive math learning approach. All of their worksheets are designed by experts with the intention to help students to start from their own ability level and gradually move to higher levels through a step-by-step and hands-on math program.

About Worksheets:

Aim Math offers numerous timed math addition worksheets, which can be used by parents and teachers to effectively teach the basic concept of addition to young children. The worksheets are well-structured and easy to understand.

Kids can also test their individual math skills by trying to solve various addition problems within the worksheet.

The worksheets of Aim Math allows children to begin solving advanced addition problems, which can include adding more than 3 to 5 digit numbers at once after completing the worksheets step – by – step.

Pros and Cons:

Aim Math offers worksheets that teaches young kids how to add 1 and 2 digit numbers. The availability of their free sample worksheets make it easier for parents to teach and improve the understanding of various addition techniques and concepts to their kids. Searching for specific worksheets is not hard and the are only 8 pages long.

The look and design of the website is very user-friendly, which makes it easy to navigate. You can select timed math addition worksheets according to the grade level of your child or student. The best thing about Aim Math is its pure simplicity. The site also offers good, high quality content.

Fees and Membership:

Aim Math provides free sample worksheets. If you wish to gain unlimited access to all of their educational materials, then you must register. The cost for the worksheets are $1 – $2.

K12 Math Worksheets

Integer Worksheets K12mathworksheets

K12 Math Worksheets is a math learning and teaching website owned and managed by Jerry Charles. K12 Math Worksheets aims to create a custom learning experience for every child by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual children, offering the right content (according to the curriculum) through their timed addition facts worksheets.

K12 Math Worksheets is designed by a talented group of math teachers. You can find worksheets along with numerous other worksheets for subtraction, multiplication, division and geometry.

Other than the timed math worksheets, K12 Math Worksheets also provides other educational math materials to keep your child educated.

About Worksheets:

K12 Math Worksheets offers addition timed worksheets according to grade level. You can easily navigate your way through the website of K12 Math to find brilliantly designed and interactive, yet basic worksheets.

All of their worksheets provide easy to understand explanations.  The worksheets do not provide answers, which is a drawback.. The worksheets are still very effective for practicing methods of solving addition problems.

Pros and Cons:

The best thing about the website of K12 Math Learning is that it offers a comprehensive range of worksheets for kids from kindergarten to grade 8 and high school.

You can find timed worksheets for any grade level by just clicking on its ‘browse by grades’ button. This makes the website more likeable when compared to other math learning websites.

K12mathworksheets.com provides free addition timed test printable worksheets that can be used for teaching the basics of addition to young kids. Overall, the worksheets are labelled and categorized properly, making the site easy to navigate.

Fees and Membership:

K12 Math Worksheet is a free website, with no costs involved when accessing their timed addition worksheets..

Mental Math Worksheets

subtraction math course
About Company:

Mental Math Worksheets is a one of the best online math learning websites in the world for young kids and students to learn and understand math. Mental Math Worksheets serves as a fun and creative platform for small kids to learn via high quality and interactive worksheets.

Mental Math Worksheets offers a wide range of printable addition timed worksheets in a downloadable file that can be used by parents and teachers to teach math to their kids/students. The timed addition worksheets are designed by expert math teachers and tutors.

About Worksheets:

The free worksheets provided on the website contains all relevant math problems and questions needed to improve the overall understanding of math in the minds of young kids.

All the Mental Math worksheets are especially targeted to kids studying grades 1 to 6. These worksheets are perfect for young children, as the problems are very easy to understand and solve.

Altogether there are more than 20 different addition worksheets on the website that can help the kids learn addition through various types of math problems and questions. Kids can learn everything they need to know by going step by step through the free online samples of Mental Maths timed test addition worksheets.

Pros and Cons:

Mental Math Worksheets offers a wide range free sample in a downloadable format, which can be used by parents and teachers to teach and educate their kids/students. Overall, the company has managed to create a complete educational website for children without making it too boring or over complicated.

All the beginner worksheets available on the website are in line with core educational standards.

There are other math worksheets available on the website, which teach the rules of subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, measurement, and place value. All in all, the website provides quality addition timed worksheets.

Fees and Membership:

Mental Math Worksheets provides free sample. But, if you wish to gain unlimited access to all of their educational materials including, then you must register. The worksheets can cost between $1 and $2.

Math Aids

About Company:

Math Aids is a world renowned math learning website that aims to educate young children about the basics of math and numerical formulas. All of their math worksheets, including the timed test addition worksheets are randomly and dynamically generated by their math worksheet generators.

This makes it possible for you to get your hands on an unlimited number of printable math worksheets.

Math Aid offers timed math addition worksheets and various other learning materials that are well-structured and properly optimized. The website of Math Aid contains over 94 different math topics with over 1,223 unique worksheets.

The worksheets provided by Math Aid can be used by kids studying in Kindergarten through to 12th grade.

About Worksheets:

Math Aids worksheets are free to download and very flexible. A detailed description of the math problems is provided in each math worksheet section.

You can even customize these worksheets to fit your needs and download or print them immediately. Their high quality worksheets are randomly created and delivered in a PDF format.

The timed math addition worksheets available on the website of Math Aid are very flexible and are of text book quality. This makes Math Aids a very unique math resource for people wanting to create and use addition worksheets.

Each math topic has several different types of math worksheets to cover various types of problems you may choose.

Pros and Cons:

Math Aids covers the math curriculum between kindergarten and 12th grade. You can find colorful and easy to understand timed addition facts worksheets on the website. Most of the worksheets are labeled properly, making them very easy to follow.

Moreover, they do not charge you for their timed addition math worksheets. Therefore, this site is perfect for anyone ranging from teachers, parents and students to .

Having said that, the downside of the website is that it clearly lacks in defining the level of math difficulty of each worksheet. So, you won’t know the complexity of the worksheet until you check it yourself. The design of the website is very dull and does not include any particularly fun features, like colorful buttons and pages.

Fees and Membership

Math Aids is a completely free math learning website, which means you don’t have to pay for any of the timed test addition worksheets. This site is free because of the revenue generated by ads on the site. However, if you don’t wish to see ads, then you can register as a member and explore the math resources without any unnecessary ads, pop us and audio interference.

Worksheet Fun

fun math worksheets
About Company:

Designed for children in Pre-kindergarten to grade 5, Worksheet Fun stands out as a top-notch online education center. Here you can use timed math addition worksheets created by educators themselves.

Worksheet Fun is a trustworthy website and only offers age-appropriate content for kids to take part in educational activities. Worksheet Fun is highly dedicated to building the best dynamic worksheets.

The main purpose of Worksheet Fun is to help children from all age groups to understand and conceptualize the use of mathematics, so that they can excel in their respective classes.

Worksheet Fun aims to make learning math a fun process for all, especially for young children with its cleverly designed worksheets.

About Worksheets

The official website for Worksheet Fun provides a comprehensive list of printable worksheets. These worksheets are perfect for kids enrolled in classes from pre-kindergarten to Grade 5. These worksheets cover various math topics from simplified versions of addition to complex questions and problems.

You can also find free timed addition worksheets with problems relating to one and two digits. Kids can also learn basic shapes and colors and counting by going through the other worksheets included on the website.

Unfortunately, the worksheets are not labeled by difficulty level, making them hard to navigate.

Pros and Cons

Worksheet Fun is a great educational website for teaching your kids the basics of mathematics. The free printable timed addition worksheets make it easy for kids to improve their logical reasoning power, while counting and solving addition related mathematical problems.

However, the website does has its limitations when it comes to presentation and design. The first impression of the website will not take you in at all as it has a very plain and dull look with nothing attractive in terms of visual display.

Having said that, the website still serves as a good place to bring your kids for math classes and tests due to its excellent learning resources and brilliant timed addition worksheets.

Fees and Memberships

Worksheet Fun is a totally free website where you don’t need to pay any charge for the worksheets and other extra educational resources available on the website.

TLS Books

timed subtraction worksheets
About Company:

TLS Books is a free math learning website which was created with an aim to introduce kid-friendly math learning curriculum activities and resources. You can find thousands of math addition worksheet tests appropriate for students in preschool through to sixth grade.

TLS Books is run by a team of professionally qualified math tutors. It offers you a variety of worksheets to use at home or in the classroom. There are tons of math courses and worksheets available on the website, which covers all general and basic math topics, from simple counting to the more complex graphs and geometry.

About Worksheets:

All of the timed addition worksheets offered by TLS Books are designed explicitly to teach and educate kids about the basics of mathematics like addition and subtraction.

Parents love using worksheets to help their child gain valuable math skills. You can use a variety of worksheets to solve numerous math problems and questions relating to various topics.

Along with these unique educational worksheets, there are fun coloring pages, a variety of themed worksheets, nursery rhymes, spelling, math puzzles, and reading tips. You can print the timed addition worksheets that you need. However, in order to view and print worksheets from this site you will need Adobe Reader version 6 or later.

Pros and Cons:

You can find worksheets with topics including simplified versions of addition and subtraction on the website. There are few worksheets that are dedicated to counting numbers, bar graphs, geometry, algebra, measurement, time and money and more.

Teachers can print the necessary materials for their classes from Tlsbooks.com. Moreover, there is a sufficient amount of samples included on the website for learning topics with different techniques.

Unfortunately, the website does not provide a step by step guide for solving math problems. While there are many math concepts included on the timed addition fact worksheets, it can be difficult for some to understand the worksheet due to few examples being provided and the lack of an introduction. Overall, the website is good enough to navigate and practice math.

Fees and Membership:

This website is 100% free to use, so you have unlimited access to their comprehensive list of  worksheets for free. There are no hidden charges and you can always access their educational resources for free and as many times as you want. Plus, there are no restrictions when downloading their timed addition worksheets.


About Company:

Kumon is a popular math learning website which has been actively involved in the field of education, especially in math, for over 60 years. Kumon first began with the children in Japan and has now helped millions of students in 50 countries across the globe.

At present, Kumon provides timed test addition worksheets to teach math to kids with the goal to become a world-class educational resource.

Kumon’s offices are located in Malaysia, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, China, Korea, South Africa, the Philippines, Singapore, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. The worksheets are designed to help develop your child’s math skills, including counting, writing numbers, mental calculations and even addition and subtraction.

Furthermore, Kumon offers individualized instructions to help each child learn math.

About Worksheets:

Kumon ensures your child has truly absorbed each new math idea before progressing to the next lessons and chapters. All of their timed addition worksheets provide examples that tells your child how to solve each type of problem without having to search for the solution anywhere else or ask another person.

You can rest assured that your child will receive proper guidelines and assignments to better understand the math problems as most of the worksheets are designed by highly qualified math expats.

The worksheets offered by Kumon cover everything from counting to calculus and provide clear cut explanations on how to solve each set of addition related math problems.

These timed addition worksheets are exclusively designed to make learning math both fun and educational for young kids. If you want to teach your kids a slightly more advanced math curriculum, then there are other math programs to choose from.

Pros and Cons:

The best thing about Kumon is that is offers a comprehensive range of the best available education resources. With each math worksheet, your child will be able work at his or her own pace and master each new concept before moving on to the next.

All of Kumon’s worksheets are designed to let your kid learn important math skills without confusion. This, in turn, helps children master math concepts, which can put them multiple grades ahead of their peers.

Kumon’s engaging and colorful math worksheets assist in developing math skills, including counting and number sequencing from preschool to high school.

Fees and Membership:

Kumon primarily offers educational resources and timed addition fact worksheets to parents who want to give their child the academic advantage to compete in today’s competitive world. To do so, parents must first take part in one of the orientation classes scheduled by Kumon and then sign up as member to enroll their children in their math program.


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