In this level students learn to write numbers 1 to 5, then 6 to 10. They count dots up to 10 in order and then randomly. Similarly, students count dots and write numbers up to 20. In this way, students learn to write numbers up to 200. Students can also learn number names up to 99 and ordinal number. World problems in each sub-unit of all 20 units help students not only learn numbers, but also help them to solve daily life problems. After learning to count and write numbers and their sequences, students become better prepared for the addition exercises in Level 2.

Our math addition worksheets cover the addition concepts which children can use to learn quickly and effectively. First, students will practice by writing numbers 1 – 19. Following that they will begin addition exercises, adding 1 to all numbers up to 999. This will continue for numbers 2, 3, 4, and onward with each exercise adding increasing variety and complexity to challenge the students’ abilities. By the end of the exercises, the students will have demonstrated the skills necessary to solve advanced addition problems including adding three numbers and adding up to five digit numbers. World problems in each unit of all 40 units help students not only add numbers, but also help them solve daily life problems.

Through our 1st grade math worksheets, students start by learning numbers 1 to 12. They compare and order these numbers before moving onto addition and subtraction. Similarly, the students will also learn basic concepts of geometry, including plane and solid figures. The students will then learn to count up to 100 and study number patterns. They are introduced to relationships between fives and tens, and tens and ones. They will be able to recognize and count money. The basic concepts of measurement and time help the students in their daily life. Using our 1st grade math worksheets, students will also learn to solve the problems of addition and subtraction facts up to 18. Data, graphs and fraction identification will also be an essential part of the curriculum. After every 4 lessons, the students will get one revision worksheet, and at the end they will review lesson 1 to 14 and lesson 15 to 27. These revisions will help them to remember the entire course. The Math Challenges sections are reserved for high-achieving students.

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Level one curriculum Addition Curriculum Grade One Curriculum
Level Two Curriculum Subtraction Curriculum Grade Second Curriculum
Level Three Curriculum Multiplication Curriculum Grade Third Curriculum
Level Four Curriculum Division Curriculum Grade Four Curriculum
Level Five Curriculum Fractions Curriculum Grade Five Curriculum
Level Six Curriculum Decimals Curriculum Grade Six Curriculum
Level Seven Curriculum Integers Curriculum
Level Eight Curriculum Equation Curriculum
Level Nine Curriculum
Level Ten Curriculum