31 Best Math Games For Kids [Updated 2021]

Are your kids bored of learning math? Do you want to encourage your kids to love math? Are you looking for fun and interesting ways to teach math to your kids? These cool math games for kids might be just the answer for you. 

Playing math games is an amazing way to learn math and reinforce math concepts without the boredom of solving problems in textbooks. Your child will have so much fun and will master math facts and concepts in no time without even realizing it. These fun math games for kids enhances critical thinking and reasoning skills and also improves mental calculation abilities. Math games also help kids learn math hands-on while showing the relevance of math in everyday life to the child

Math games are suitable for children of every age and can be easily customized according to your child’s current math skills. The math your children will learn from these games will smoothly translate to their academics as well. Also, math learned this way will not be forgotten easily. 

We have listed 31 best math games for kids below that focusses on different types of math skills. This article also covers some amazing math game apps which is another way to develop math skills in children while having fun. Children of today love their devices, and why does take advantage of this to teach some math.

With these best math games for kids, your child will no longer dread math. Pick a few and give it a go. Have fun with math!

1. Twister Math

All you need for this math game for kids is a Twister mat and decide on what math skill you would like to practice. 

On the circles of the twister math, you can stick numbers. You can then call out the number or an equation depending on the math level of the players. The players will place a hand or foot on the right answer. 

The player who has both his hands and feet at the correct answers first wins the game.

2. Bingo Math

This is a fun math game for kids to learn math facts or practice simple arithmetic. Math Bingo can be easily modified according to the math level of students. 

To play this game, you need to determine what math skill you wish to practice with the players and develop the problems accordingly. You can use printable bingo cards or make one of your own. Then, You will write the correct answers randomly on the grids on bingo card. You will then distribute the bingo card and a pencil each to all the players. After this, you will then start calling out equations. For smaller kids, you can just call out numbers.

When a player gets straight line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally they can call out “Bingo” and win mini prizes. The one who gets all the answers correct first and yells “Bingo” wins the game. 

3. Math Treasure Hunt

This is an engaging and cool math game for kids. Your kids will have so much fun playing this treasure hunt game while learning math. 

In this game, you will hide small rewards and clues in the form of math problems in certain spots around your house, garage, or garden, etc. You will then create a simple map of the area for a treasure hunt with math problems at the spots where you have hidden the clues and rewards and hand it to the players at the starting point. The players will then start their search for the treasure around the compound.

The players will solve various math problems every step to reveal the next clue and find the reward. 

4. Step on the Number

This is one of the best math games for kids in kindergarten to help them learn counting up to 10. This game will also improve number sense in kids. 

In this game, you will write numbers 1- 10 on the floor with chalk randomly. To make the game interesting, you can also place small rewards on some of the numbers like candy, crayons, etc. You will then call out a number. The player will need to step on the number. If the answer is right, they can keep the reward. 

5. Weight Prediction

This game is a great way to develop a keen sense of weight estimation and also learn some metric system.

For this math game for kids, you will need a weighing machine and a variety of objects with different weights like fruits, toys, decoration pieces etc. You will then place these objects on the table and ask the player to arrange items from lightest to heaviest. Ask the players to write the estimated weight in front of the object. Then let the players use the weighing machine themselves to find out the actual weights of objects and if their estimation was correct or not.  You can also take this opportunity to brush on the metric system. You can keep a scoreboard and the player whose estimates are the closet wins the game.

6. Tell the time

This is an amazing game to learn about the concept time and improve time reading skills. 

In this game, you can draw a big clock on the floor with hours and minutes. You need two players for this game. To play the game, you will call out any time like 11:43. One of the players will act as the hour hand and the other player will act as the minute hand. They will stand in the correct places at eh clock to denote the correct time. You can then give additional tasks like 15 minutes later, or 1.5 hours before, etc. If you have more players, you can also turn this game into a competition.

7. Counting Fun

You can play this primary math game for counting anytime and anywhere whether you are inside a room or walking around. 

It is a great way to reinforce basic math for young kids. To play this game, you can practice counting with your child anytime as you do your day to day activities. You can count the number of flowers and trees when you are in a park or count the number of steps or the number of houses as you walk or the number of apples during shopping etc.  

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8. Shape Hunting

This fun math game can be played outdoors or indoors. You can play this game anytime to improve your child’s knowledge of shapes and patterns.

This game works by calling out a shape and the students will need to find objects around them that correspond to the shape you called. You can play this game with one player and take turns asking questions. You can also turn it into a competition with two or more players. The player who finds the shape first wins the game. You can also time the game and in this case, the player who finds most objects of that shape within the specified time wins the game. 

9. Number Race

In this math games for kids, you can draw a wide path with a finish line and fill the path with obstacles, which are basically math equations or problems at certain intervals. The path will also have an empty box for the answer. You can choose any math topic that you wish to practice.

The objective of the game will be to move on down the path and reach the finish line. You can provide the player with chalk and the player has to write the correct answer in the empty box next to the equation after which they can move ahead. Once the player completes all the equations, they will reach the finish line and you can have a small reward ready to celebrate the accomplishment.

10. Dice Race

In this game, you can draw a long winding path with intervals and a finish line at the end. If you have small space, you can draw a spiral instead. This game can be played by two players. You will also need a dice for this game.

Each player will roll a pair of dice turn wise. You can ask the players to perform any math operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division with the two numbers on the face of the dice. If the player answers correctly, they will move one step ahead in the line. If the answer is incorrect, the player will stay in the same spot, the player who reaches the finish line first wins the game. 

11. Math Duel

This best math games for kids can be played by 2-4 players. You can practice metal math with this game or you can provide the players with paper and pencil for the calculations. In this game, you will provide each player with a whistle. You will then call out an equation. 

The player who figures the answer first will blow the whistle. If the answer is correct, the player gets 1 point. You can have a certain number of rounds and decide the winner based on the number of points. For an incorrect answer, you can assign a negative point. You can also have a tie-breaker round if there is a tie. Keep a small reward for the winner ready.

12. Math Snakes and Ladder

In this fun math games for kids, you will just use the classic snakes and ladder board and just tweak it to turn it into a math game. You can have a set of regular playing cards or UNO at the side. Make sure that you remove all the face cards and keep only the number cards from 1-9.

To play this game, one of the players will choose any two cards randomly from the pack, perform addition, subtraction, or multiplication and give the answer. You can choose any math skill to practice. If the answer is correct, the player will get to roll the dice and move that many steps in the snake and ladder board. If the answer is incorrect, the players turn is skipped and the question passes to the next player. The next player can answer the question correctly and roll the dice to move their piece. After this, they will get one more round to pick their own cards and a chance to roll the dice again. This game will help the child practice basic math facts repetitively without it being boring and the competition will fuel your child to learn math faster.

13. Mystery Box

For this game, you can use a box of varying sizes such that you can fit one inside the other multiple times. You can also use a Tupperware set or a Russian Doll. You will paste different equations on the top of each box and put them inside each other. 

On the last box which is the smallest box, you will place a reward. You will hand the box to the child and say that there is a gift inside. The get to the gift, the child will have to solve the equations on the box. If the answer is right, the student moves on to the next box and so on until they reach the last box and collect the reward. If any answer is incorrect, the student will need to learn it before moving on to the next box.

16. Hopscotch Math

You can draw hopscotch on the ground and use it to reinforce basic math to children. 

For example, you can ask the child to jump 1 or 2 places to improve their number sense or ask them to jump to the number that is (2 + 2), etc.  You can also ask them to land on even numbers with both feet and land on odd numbers with 1 foot. You can modify this game in tons of ways and get creative. The player can continue till they get the answer right. If the miss, the other player will continue.

17. Aim the coin

In this math games for kids, you will draw a grid on the floor with various numbers. You will then give a coin to each of the players. You can call out the number and the players will aim for the number turn wise. The players will aim from a certain distance from the grid.  

As you call the number, the player will first show where the number is located on the grid and then aim for it. If the coin lands on the correct number, the player will get a reward. If the player misses, the next player will get the turn. You can keep points, give rewards, or just have fun. This game is a great way to improve number identification in younger children. For older children, you can call our equations instead and have answers for equations on the grids. 

18. Marble Counting

For this best math games for kids, you will need marbles and 3 baskets. You can then mark each basket with a number. This game is a great way to improve counting ability in young children.

The students will need to count the marbles and put the correct number of marbles in the basket as mentioned. To up the game, you can also have a final basket where the students will count all marbles from the previous baskets and count it one by one as they fill the final basket and give the sum. 

You can also turn this into an odd and even number game by using two different color marbles to denote odd and even. Depending on whether the number marked is even or odd, the student will use the correct color of marbles to fill the basket. You can also the student to determine if the final sum is odd or even.

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19. Tic-Tac-Toe Math Race

In this game, you will just modify the regular Tic-Tac-Toe and turn it into a math game. This game requires two players. To play this game, first, make a Tic-Tac-Toe diagram on a paper and fill each box with math equations. You can formulate the equations based on your child’s current math abilities. 

The players will then start the game like regular Tic-Tac-Toe, one will choose X and the other will choose O. The players will have to solve the equation to mark the boxes with the symbol. Only if the answer is correct, hey can mark the grid. The player who can link X or O in a straight line (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) first wins the game. 

20. Math with Darts

For these cool math games for kids, you need two dartboards and sticky darts. On the dartboards, you can paste various numbers on the ring. You can play this as a duel between two players or divide the players into two teams. 

The first player will throw the dart at the first dartboard and then the second. You can ask the players to perform arithmetic with the numbers aimed by the dart. They will get a point if the answer is correct. You can play several rounds of this game and keep score. If the player misses an aim, the game moves to the next player.

21. Get to 100

This is a middle school math game in which you will divide the players into teams. The goal of this game will be to reach 100. The team that reaches 100 first will win the game. 

To play this game, you need to provide players of each team with paper and pencil. You will then ask the teams to roll a pair of dice turn wise. The players will take the number at the face value of the dice and add it to the number they get in their subsequent turns. To make the game interesting, you can give an extra turn if the players roll two six. When the value gets very close to 100, the teams can choose to skip their turns. If any team goes over 100, they lose the game.

22. Face off Challenge

For this game, you can put two players side by side and provide them with a board and a chalk for calculations. You also need a timer for this game.

You can then start calling math equations at regular time intervals. The players will need to solve the equations at the specified time. After the specified time ends, you will call the next question. The player will have to leave the previous equations and move on to the next one. Each solved answer will carry 1 point. For the missed or incomplete answers, players will get 0 points. The player with the highest point wins the game.

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22. Math Bowling

For this game, you just need empty plastic bottles and this game is a fun primary maths games. You can paste numbers from 1-10 on each bottle. Two players can play this game. This game is a great way to improve counting skills while having a fun time. 

To play this game, each player will roll a ball to knock off the bottles. They will have to add the numbers on the knocked bottles and this will be their point. If they give incorrect sum or miss knocking the bottles down, they get no points. You can play several rounds and keep score. The player with the most points wins the game.

23. Geometry Game

In this game, you can divide the players into two teams. You can call out a certain geometric shape. The students will have to work together and come up with creative ways to make that shape with their bodies, legs, and arms.

You can modify this game according to the student’s math level. For older students, you can give advanced shapes such as rhombus, hexagon, parallelogram, isosceles triangle, etc. You can also give questions on other math topics like demonstrating angles (90-degree, 30-degree, 180-degree) or demonstrating terms like parallel, perpendicular, etc. 

24. Math Game Apps

Math Apps are a source of some of the best math games for kids. You can help your children learn math through various fun and interactive math game apps available in the market. These games are super fun, engaging, and also monitor your child’s progress in math. Read about some of the best math games below.

25. Buzzmath

This is an amazing online math game for kids from 3rd to 8th grade. 

In this game, the player will have to save Mathlantis, a fantasy land, which is under chaos. To bring peace to Mathlantis, the player will have to solve various math problems and restore the citizen’s math knowledge. In this game, the player will be immersed in an adventure and will not even realize that they are doing math. The players will also meet various famous mathematicians throughout history who will provide them important hints for solving math problems and equip them with mathematical knowledge. 

26. Rocket Math

In this online math games for kids, the player will need to build a rocket and launch it into space. The game has 26 levels and at each level, the players have to complete 3 achievements which are take-off, orbit, and universe. 

To launch the rocket, the player has to complete various math missions. The players should solve these math questions within a specified amount of time. If they fail, the answer if provided but the player will have to prove how they got the answer. So, in this process, the player will have to learn if they do not understand something. 

27. Marble Math Junior

This marble game is one of the best math games for kids in the elementary level. It is colorful, fun, and visually appealing. 

In this math game, the player will collect and roll marbles through mazes while solving various math questions. The game is also customizable and you can choose to improve a specific area your children are struggling with or adjust it according to the child’s current grade. 

28. Monster Math

This is an enjoyable online math game for kids. With this game, your child will master the concepts of basic arithmetic while having fun. 

In this game, the players will follow the game’s storyline and solve math problems to fight enemies, cross hurdles and save various characters in the game. It is suitable for kindergarten level to grade 5 level children. It is also aligned with Common Core curriculum. 

29. Preschool Math Games for Kids

This is an interactive and visually appealing math game for young children to improve their number sense. This game is suitable for pre-school to third-grade kids. 

This game teaches early math skills to children in a fun, simple, and easy way. The activities in this game include tracing numbers, number sequencing, counting, addition, and subtraction.

30. Twelve a Dozen

This is an award-winning, arcade-style game. It is one of the best online math games for kids in the market today. 

In this game, the player will play the numeric hero Twelve who has to save a futuristic world Dozenpolis that is in serious trouble. The player will have to solve a series of math puzzles to achieve this. By solving math problems, the players will gain power up’s and meet interesting characters on the way. It is a wonderful math game that will reinforce fluency in math concepts.  

31. Operation Math

This fun math game for kids is a spy game in which the player will be traveling throughout the world and completing various math missions. The player will play a secret agent who has to defeat the evil villain Doctor Odd and gain a spy gear. 

This game will make learning math such an adventure. If the player does not know certain math skills, they can easily take part in training drills to learn the required skill. With his same, your child will surely master arithmetic in no time. 

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Many children find math hard and tedious. But, math does not have to be boring and tiresome, especially in today’s world. Through these amazing and best math games for kids listed above, you can turn learning math into a fun and exciting activity that your kids will greatly enjoy. With these math games, your kids will not even realize that they are actually learning. 

You can also modify or tweak the games according to your child’s math level or focus on specific areas they need to improve. Playing these fun math games will also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your children while teaching them hands-on math. Math games have also been proven to improve mental math abilities

Through these fun math games for kids, your kids will be learning math in no time. And, they will be begging for more!

Math is evolving rapidly and today, there are plenty of fun ways to make math easy and interesting for kids. Read on to learn more about these new ways you can teach math to your kids.

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