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Alison R.

Parent of an 5th-Grade Student

My kid has been having difficulty keeping up with math at school. I started doing a worksheet every day when he gets home from school. These are helping a lot in my child's math skills. These are very similar to the worksheets that they use at the Kumon Centers but are it's a lot cheaper to do it at home with my son for now. The worksheets seem to be good enough for now and I like them a lot

Claire N.

Parent of Preschool Students

Our 5 yr old twins have been working these worksheets ever since they were 4. They really work. They are basically able to read and write on their own and are already showing strengths in mathematics. They have a reiterative step by step approach which gets more difficult as the child moves farther through the lessons. I would recommend to any parent wanting to get their little one off on the right path when it comes to education

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Our Mission is to Ensure ALL Students Excel in Math

At Mental Math, our passion is to make world class math training available, accessible and affordable to students throughout the world for rewarding academic and career success.

We’ve achieved this with our timed, step-by-step math worksheets that inspire math-challenged children to enjoy learning and practicing math, and they ultimately master even the most complex math concepts. Our extraordinary supplemental math curriculum includes both premium math worksheets and math practice workbooks that are customized for the specific level and needs of your child.

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Every Day Over 200 Parents Download Our Math Worksheets

Free First Grade Math Worksheets

Trying to find free first grade math worksheets for your child can be very difficult at times with so many choices available online. How do you decide what is good? How do you decide if the free printable worksheets are worth your time? How do you choose between the numbers of websites offering resources? To help you out with these problems, we have devised a list of some of the best websites to provide you with these math worksheets.

For each website, we have provided a bit about the company, a bit of information about the 1st grade free printable math worksheets and if their content is online with national standards. We have also provided details on cost where applicable. The aim is to support you in supporting your child.

Mental Math Worksheets

free first grade math worksheets

Created by parents, hoping for their children to succeed in math, they used to send their child to math programs which they later discovered were often run by unqualified teachers. While this was happening, they decided to make some first grade worksheets that may help. The research, designing and creating of math worksheets took almost 3 years. Now they are available to you and can help students develop their math skills.

About Worksheets

The free printable math worksheets for 1stgarde have been developed to enable every child to being from their math level not their age, allowing every child to practice their math skills. They cover the math curriculum completely and they have been created to allow children to progress in a step by step method. They are clearly set out and easy for students to complete. They are designed to help students progress well.

Pros and Cons

The grade 1 free math worksheets are uniquely designed and developed to ensure your child works through well-structured practice worksheets, masters the concepts, gains confidence and achieves the maximum degree of math. They are repetitive to encourage the child to really learn and understand the topics involved. They cover all topics covered in first grade through to sixth grade. Overall an excellent website with some very good resources.

Fees and Memberships

Each set of worksheets covering one specific topic costs $1. You are able to pick and choose the topics your child may need practice with.


Math Fox is the brain child of Mphoweh Jude, a highly educated graduate with 2 years of teaching experience and 3 years’ experience creating online math activities. The supervisor of the website Kisito Futonge has been a teacher of English for more than 10 years and has successfully created thousands of teaching materials. Sandeep is the site engineer who is an experienced web master. Together they have produced some excellent free first grade math worksheets for you.

Sandeep is the site engineer who is an experienced web master. Together they have produced some excellent math worksheets for you.

About Worksheets

Math Fox provides free online math games for first grade and some worksheets are accessible without membership. However to access the full range of materials, Math Fox charges a membership.

Math Fox has a variety of online math games and online free first grade math worksheets, from geometry, to addition to probability, these worksheets cover all mathematical topics, easily accessible and printable as PDF files. Also available on the website are math quizzes and math videos designed to show your child how to do the math before completing the first grade worksheets. The worksheets are colourful, clearly presented and easy for children to work on.

The videos are clear and easy for a child to follow with nice simple explanations and props used. The website contains over 44,000 math problems for students up to grade seven. It has been designed for use by students, teachers and parents alike and the material is extremely accessible. The quality of math worksheets is extremely high, and care has obviously been taken to check through the work carefully ensuring it is correct.

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, the website has not clearly defined the difficulty of the content included in the free printable 1st grade math worksheets, so although each is clearly thought out, they are not displayed in order of complexity. You will need to check the worksheet before giving it to your child.

Overall, the quality of the math worksheets included in this website are exceptional, and there are a very wide range of topics covered.

Fees and Membership

To access the full range of materials you need to pay the cost of membership at $56 per year for a single user, $79 for 2-10 users and $99 dollars for 11-20 users.


free math worksheets for first grade 40 is a website developed by Mphoweh Jude for Eduterials Limited, Hong Kong. The aim of the site is to introduce students to video learning and covers all math topics from Kindergarten to 8th grade. The topics covered stem from simple counting to the more complex algebra to shape and spacial awareness.

The website is run by a team of highly qualified math tutors from the USA. Two of the main tutors involved in the project are Rebecca Klein and Nani D Wall, both California based, and together boasting over 40 years experience in the classroom. They are both highly skilled practitioners who have been instrumental in the planning and editing of the videos.

About worksheets has a good coverage of the math course and provides free first grade math worksheets covering all topics. They have addition worksheets for first grade, geometry worksheets and probability worksheets among others. The website offers free first grade math games for ipads and android tablets. You can access a small number of the math worksheets without membership, however to access the full range, you need to sign up as a member. All the worksheets are well structured and are easily printable files.

This website is aligned with the US curriculum and follows state standards. It brings together the power of video with the learning process. The videos are designed clearly according to the level and topic of work involved. Running alongside each video is a corresponding pdf printable math worksheet, allowing the child to practice what they have just learnt from the video.

Pros and Cons

The 1st grade math worksheets free are colorful and clearly structured enabling a child to work through them happily. Unfortunately some of the videos can move very fast, meaning it may be necessary to watch them more than once to gain a full understanding.

Overall, has a wide range of well written first grade worksheets produced to follow the US curriculum and aid your child in practicing the work covered at school.

Fees and Memberships

The cost of a single membership for a 6 month membership is $36 for single membership or $67 for a small group membership. If you wish to sign up for a year, the cost is $55 for a single or $76 for a group membership. This allows you access to the full range of 1st grade free math worksheets, all of which are well designed and printable.

Flash Kids

free math worksheets first grade 20

Flash Kids has been created by educators and parents, for educators and parents. The brain child of Educational director Hanna Otero, a former teacher and parent, they have worked to provide fun, effective learning tools for children of all ages. They have created their own activities and each product has not only been influenced by children, but has also been vetted to coincide with national standards of education. Each product is continually being optimized to ensure it does not become outdated, with new methods being included all the time.

About worksheets

Flash kids offers a good coverage of the math curriculum providing a selection of free printable math worksheets for 1st grade. The worksheets are provided in pdf format and are clear and easy for a child to understand. They cover topics from counting, understanding the equals sign, to ordering items from heaviest to lightest. There is a comprehensive list of what your child should be able to do by the end of the 1st grade. For more comprehensive resources and to receive the full range of addition and subtraction worksheets for first grade, you do need to purchase one of their books.

Pros and Cons

Flash kids provides flash cards and workbooks for not only math, but also reading and language skills. They are aimed at children from kindergarten to grade 6. The free first grade math worksheets are designed nicely, clearly set out and accessible for the children. Each worksheet also comes with an answer key. The set up of the website shows you exactly what content your child needs to cover at each age and grade.

Unfortunately, the website has not clearly expressed the difficulty of the worksheets, so the more difficult are mixed with the easier topics. However this aside, there are some very good free printable math worksheets for 1st grade.

Fees and Memberships

Flash kids does not charge a fee for membership, however if you do wish to access all their materials, you may wish to purchase one or more of their workbooks for your child to work through. The range of costs of these is from $3.95 to $6.95.

Math Game Time

Math Game Time has created a website that has become a destination for fun, educational math games and homework help. The website was created by educators and it is aimed at children from pre-K through to 7th grade. The goal of the website is to provide a fun, educational playground enabling children to excel at math. The makers have collaborated with teachers during the creation to ensure that all resources on the website are age-appropriate, relevant and come from trustworthy sources. They wish to use games and worksheets to promote education, imagination and literacy within math.

About Worksheets

Math Game Time has good course coverage of free first grade math worksheets including first grade addition and subtraction worksheets and first grade geometry worksheets. The worksheets are clearly labelled and structured making them easy for your child to follow. Not only does the website provide first grade free worksheets, but it also provides videos and games associated with the topics covered in the worksheets. These are easy for your child to follow and will provide them with support completing the worksheets.

Pros and Cons

The website is designed well and has an attractive look enabling the child to navigate through it clearly. It provides a math game and homework help line for pre-kindergarten through to grade 7. Not only does it provide free 1st grade math worksheets pdf, but also Science and Geography too. Sadly the free worksheets presentation is comparatively average, it would be nice to see a little more colour and thought on the design of them. However, overall this website provides you with some excellent resources to help your child through first grade.

Fees and Memberships

This website is 100% free. There is no cost to you and all resources can be accessed freely.


Math4childrenplus is website which contains over 2000 activities which practice more than 50,000 different skills and prides itself on being 100% free. It is purely focused on math, providing activities for all grades from pre-K up to grade 7. Each and every activity has been checked and is inline with the core educational standards for the appropriate age and grade. The resources have all been sorted and are managed by grade and type. The website provides games, quizzes and math worksheets.

About worksheets

Math4childrenplus has a very good coverage of the math curriculum for the first grade. They have combined their worksheets with the core standards to produce some excellent free printable first grade common core math worksheets. The website contains a number of different topics including fraction worksheets for first grade and first grade geometry worksheets. Not only do they provide common core worksheets for first grade in a printable pdf form, but they also provide quizzes and games for the children to test their knowledge.

Pros and Cons

The website is very professional looking, and provides a large number of activities and skills for a wide range of ages. The site also provides some science activities although it is predominantly looking at math. The quality of the first grade free printable math worksheets is good with the structure being clear and easily completed by a child. However, the content of the worksheets has not been expressed in an easy to complex way, they could be structured in a more step by step manner providing easier access and understanding. Overall, this website has some good, fun worksheets.

Fees and Memberships

This website is a 100% free education site for the 1st grade free printable common core math worksheets pdf files however if you wish to purchase the 1st grade e-book, it will cost you $20.

IXL Maths

Ixl was founded in 1998 and originally provided activities in three formats, a matching game, a concentration game and flash cards. This soon developed onto quizzes and other games. The aim of the website was develop educational technologies that would become essential in learning. Over time, the company developed an ebook and then progressed onto combining the two products leading to the website you will find today. With more that 2500 topics, this website can be used to progress for pre-K to grade 12. Every question is generated algorithmically so your child will not see the same question twice.

About worksheets

The free first grade math worksheets are focused on the Indian curriculum but does cover topics from addition and subtraction, through to counting and measurement. These worksheets are interactive allowing children to complete them online. It provides answers when the child completes the questions so they know whether they are correct.

Pros and Cons

This website covers all levels of math and English for kindergarten through to grade 12. Although based upon the Indian curriculum the website claims to be used all over the US and in more than 190 countries around the world. The website has more than 450 online text and workbooks available in 11 different languages. These are also available on ipad and android apps. Producing some excellent first grade math problems, the website has not however addressed the speed or timing it will take to finish a problem. The first grade math worksheets free printable pdf are not printable. The questions on this website are of a good standard and will give unlimited practice if the child is to become a member.

Fees and Memberships

When using this website, you are provided with 20 free practice problems in each topic with an answer key and explanation. However, to become unlimited, it is necessary to become a member at a monthly cost of 599 IC or a yearly cost of 4999 IC.


free first grade math worksheets to print 10

Launched in 2005, with only 400 math worksheets, Math Drills now boasts over 50,000. Designed primarily for teachers and parents, their worksheets are downloaded millions of times each month and are used by teachers in schools, parents wanting to do extra practice with their child and by the home schooled, their worksheets are very popular. The company continue to add and improve their resources and website based upon regular feedback from their users. A benefit to this company is they also provide large print options of their worksheets for children with special educational needs. 

About worksheets

The free first grade math worksheets cover a wide range of topics, although on Math Drills, the are not grouped by grade, but by content. They cover the majority of the math curriculum, you can find subtraction and addition worksheets and 1st grade money worksheets among many other topics. The structure of the worksheet is clear, with an answer key provided. The printable worksheets are easy to work through and give plenty of space for the child to write.

Pros and Cons

Math Drills has thousands of free math worksheets first grade for teachers and parents. It is clearly presented and easy to find the topics from the wide range you require. The home page is attractive and easy to navigate, with a unique feel to it. However the worksheets are not organized by grade, they are organized by topic, so you need to be aware what the specific topic is you are looking to improve within your childs work. The overall quality of the worksheets are good, clearly structured and easily printable.

Fees and Memberships.

All the math worksheets are free, although can occasionally display advertisments.


Free Math Facts Worksheets Helpingwithmath was created by a small number of educators to help parents help their children with math. It includes easy finding math worksheets and other materials categorized by subject and grade level. The website was started by David Burns, an experienced online educator. His aim was to provide free, easy to use worksheets for parents looking to support their children with the learning of math.

About Worksheets

This website contains a good number of easily printable free 1st grade worksheets as well as worksheets up to grade 8. They cover the majority of topics from addition and subtraction to shape. Also contained on the website is a worksheet generator producing different questions every time.

Pros and Cons

The website was designed to help parents who want to help their children with math. It provides a large number of 1st grade free math workbook pdf based upon grade, and topic. Some of these are also interactive resources. Parents can gain instruction and guidance in order to support their child through unfamiliar subjects. There are also games available to the children. The quality of the sample worksheets are average, not very attractive to a child, however it has a good coverage of the curriculum.

Fees and Memberships

This website is 100% free to use.


free first grade math worksheets printable 20

Founded in 2000, the Math fact café provides generators for free first grade math worksheets. They focus on elementary years from Kindergarten to grade 5. The website contains hundreds of free worksheets, and also a generator so you are able to personalize sheets especially for your child. Worksheets are easily printable and used by both parents and teachers alike.

About Worksheets

Although there are plenty of worksheets, it is not clear as to whether they cover the whole of the first grade math curriculum. The 1st grade worksheets are clearly set out and easy for students to follow. They can be pre-made ready to just be printed and used instantly, or they can be customized enabling you to alter things to suit your child. They include topics such as counting, adding and telling the time.

Pros and Cons

This website has two different types of math worksheets, pre-made worksheets, there are thousands of these available already created and printable. If you would prefer, there are customizable worksheets that you can personalize for your child. The website is clearly set out and you can print free math worksheets for 1st grade. You are also provided with printable flashcards.

To access some of the resources, it is necessary to follow some long steps to create them. It is not a simple select and click. Overall it is a good website.

Fees and Memberships provides free printable 1st grade mental math worksheets. The site accepts donations through Paypal.

SplashMath was created by Silicon Valley company Study Pad Inc. Their aim is to deliver high quality interactive math activities. They wish to create math games and activities to make the learning of math fun. With over 12 million downloads, their app has been used in 70000 classrooms, bringing hours of fun to both the classroom and home to the award winning company.

About Worksheets

This website has a wide range of free first grade math worksheets and also covers topics up to grade 5. It has a strong coverage of the math curriculum and has been designed to lie in accordance with the curriculum. The activities are interactive so the child does need a device on which to complete them. The activities are not printable.

Pros and Cons

The app has a very good course coverage, focused on math. The app has been recommended by teachers and has over 12 million downloads. It has a home and a classroom edition available. The online reviews of this app are very good. The aim from this company to replace paper worksheets with fun games, this works well with 1st grade free printable math worksheets, but may lead to problems in the upper grades, when working is necessary to complete a problem. The games and activities are very good for a first grade student.

Fees and Memberships

These are not printable resources, however it is a free app.

AdaptedMind was created by graduates of Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard to improve the way children learn. They aim to provide a custom learning environment for your child, aiming to create a set of exercises and resources that play to your childs strengths and weaknesses focusing on improving these. They created their curriculum by talking to teachers, parents and most importantly the children.

About Worksheets

The free first grade math worksheets on contain a very good coverage of the core curriculum. They are organized through grade and topic. These are interactive resources which cannot be printed. They look good and the artwork will encourage children to play to complete them. Topics covered include number skills, geometry and time.

Pros and Cons

The website is well made with a good coverage of grade 1 lessons and content. It is attractively designed and easy to navigate to the interactive lessons. It has 10 worksheets for each lesson from grade 1 to grade 6. Unfortunately, the website is not easy to navigate to the free printable grade 1 math worksheets, however the quality of the content on these worksheets is very good.

Fees and Memberships offers one month of free membership and then has a membership cost of $9.95 per month which includes membership of up to 5 children in the same family at no extra cost.


Free Printable Math Wroksheets Homeschoolmath is an online resource for both parents and teachers alike. It includes worksheets, online games, a curriculum guide, lessons, ebooks, reviews and more. The resources are designed to emphasise understanding of concepts not purely memorization skills. Originally created by math teacher, Maria Miller, she has built on her experience of tutoring home schooled students and trying to help parents teach their children math.

About Worksheets

The free 1st grade math worksheets provide an excellent coverage of curriculum content and run alongside the core standards. They provide space for name and date in each worksheet. They provide clearly labelled topics including free addition and subtraction worksheets and geometry worksheets. They are well structured and easy for children to work through and complete. They are created by a math teacher with vast amounts of experience.

Pros and Cons

The website contains free worksheets created by a math teacher for students from grade one to grade seven. They are well created and clear. It also contains a lot of other math resources of good quality.

The webpage however is not attractive and they have not addressed the complexity of the materials, they are a little bit mixed. The free mental maths for grade 1 worksheets also provide little challenge for the more talented mathematician children.

Fees and Memberships

This website is 100% free.


K5 learning was created by parents for parents, who were looking for a more comprehensive set of resources to help their children through school. They believe that children’s brains are like sponges, they can soak in a lot of knowledge. They believe independent learning is important, and provided with the appropriate resources and learning opportunities, children can thrive with the uses.

About Worksheets

The curriculum coverage of free first grade math worksheets is good, and they cover most of the core standards including addition, subtraction and geometry. The worksheets are clearly structured and easy for the child to complete. There are free printable math worksheets.

Pros and Cons

You will be provided with a 14 day free trial to all the resources, with an answer grid provided. Not only does the website cover math skills, but it also covers reading skills. The online math skills sheets are very good for kindergarten to grade five children. Although clear worksheets, long writing discourages customers to buy the grade 1 free common core printable math worksheets. It is not easy to navigate as there is no direct link from curriculum to buy the worksheets. The website presentation is inspiring customers to buy its product though and the worksheets look good. Overall this is a good website.

Fees and Memberships

The sample worksheets are provided for free. The price for the grade 1 to 3 bundle is $45. For just the addition worksheets, the cost is $3.95 and for the subtraction worksheets the cost is $5.10.

free printable first grade common core math worksheets has been developed by educators to provide to incorporate digital resources with the aim to incorporate leading pedagogical processes. The aim was to unlock the children’s potential to learn. They understand that each child and educator faces different issues within education and provide differentiated math worksheets to meet all the children’s needs.

About Worksheets

The 1st grade free math worksheets themselves are easy for students to use and complete. They provide topics such as addition, subtraction, telling the time and map reading. However it is not clear as to whether they follow the whole curriculum and there is no clear table of contents to find the appropriate worksheet.

Pros and Cons

The best part of this company is the part of the website that says “I get to choose what I print for each child’s needs”. The customer is able to print for at least 30 days after purchase. The website gives an authenticity to the customers by mentioning the management team and the board of directors. It covers not only math, but also science from pre-school to high school. Unfortunately the set up of the website is not user friendly and finding the specific free printable math worksheets you are looking for is not easy. There are no examples or introductions to the worksheets. It provides some good resources, but time needs to be taken to make it more user friendly.

Fees and Memberships

Sample 1st grade math worksheets are provided for free, however for the full range, you need to become a member. Cost for parents is $3.99 a month, for educators $3 a month or $198 for a lifetime membership.


Free Math Worksheets Math Blaster

Math blaster has been created by knowledge adventure, and has been used in classroom and homes for the past 15 years. Math blaster is the online hub for outer space MMOgaming. Math blaster apps are available on ipad/iphone and android devices. Through a first of its kind model, they are linked to connective play at home or on the go.

About Worksheets

The free 1st grade math worksheets provided give a good coverage of the curriculum. They are designed with children in mind, well illustrated and trying to encourage the children to make fun math worksheets. The 1st grade math worksheets provide addition, subtraction and fractions to color in for the children. There are free printable worksheets, although to access the full range you need to become a member.

Pros and Cons

First introduced in 1987, they have received over 65 awards and provide math worksheets which are age appropriate and give the option for pdf, so are easily printable. They cover not only math, but also science and English for kindergarten to grade 8 children. The home page does not encourage the customer to buy worksheets, and is not overly user friendly. Overall, there are some good resources, but navigating can be difficult.

Fees and Memberships

There are some free printable grade 1 math worksheets available, but for the full range it is necessary to become a member. Memberships cost $3.99 a month, $7.99 a quarter, $29.99 annually or $59.99 for lifetime.


free printable math worksheets for kindergarten and first grade 20

Math worksheets 4 kids provides 100’s of math worksheets for children from kindergarten through to grade 8. Useful to both teachers, home schoolers and students, they are suitable for both home and classroom use. Classified by both grade and topic, they are easily navigated.

About Worksheets

The worksheets have a good coverage of the math curriculum and provide free first grade math worksheets covering most topics. They cover kindergarten all the way through to grade 12. The websites are clearly labelled by topic and the worksheets are structured clearly and easily completed by children. They are nicely set out well presented.

Pros and Cons

All math worksheets are free and printable. They focus only on math, and they provide math tests for online practice. They contain sufficient examples for parents to follow and explain to their children and answer keys are included. There are fewer examples available on the worksheets and no introduction is available attached to the worksheet. They have not addressed some concepts using step by step instructions. These could be clearer. Overall, this provides a fair level of free first grade math worksheets.

Fees and Memberships

Few of the worksheets are available for free. The site charges annual membership of $19.95 to access the complete set of worksheets.


Math4children is a website for parents and teachers aiming to get their children better at math. Materials can be used at home or at school. Providing quizzes, worksheets, videos and games, the aim of the website is to provide a good coverage of math topics to enable children to progress in their learning.

About Worksheets

The worksheets provide a good coverage of content from preschool to grade 7. The free first grade math worksheets are printable pdf files, designed to help children progress in their math. Topics covered range from addition and subtraction to geometry and algebra. The printable math worksheets are well structured and easy for children to complete. The online games, are fun and well made, allowing the child to practice without a bit of fun.

Pros and Cons

The website looks nicely presented and provides online tests, printable 1st grade math worksheets videos and apps. These are provided not only for math, but also for science. The website is not, however user friendly to view sample worksheets because if a customer looks at samples, they must then buy. Navigating the website is not straightforward. Overall the resources are of a fair standard.

Fees and Memberships

The price for the first grade worksheet is $29.

Why Mental Math Worksheets?

All of the above companies free printable math worksheets for 1st grade are either grade or topic based, but offer additional step by step math worksheets which are devised according to the individual learning process of each student at the level they are comfortable with, regardless of their school grade or age.

Mental math worksheets use a step by step process with 10 pages of practice without repeating questions. They use a timing concept provides opportunity to go backwards if your child is struggling in that topic or allows them to go forward if the child can solve the problem easily.

In MentalMaths homepage, you as the customer, can see everything, view a sample and click buy now in the easiest way. The direct link from the curriculum list to the worksheets enables the website to be easily navigated. Providing step-by-step or activity specific, or grade specific, it is extremely easy to find the content you are looking for.

We hope that this have given you an idea of the math worksheets available to you online. Please feel free to leave comments below and let us know if you have found any other free first grade math worksheets you feel deserve a mention.

If you are looking for more material and worksheets on other math relation topics, then you can check out our other math worksheets lists, 2nd grade math worksheets, 4th grade math worksheets, 3rd grade math worksheets, 5th grade math worksheets…