6 [Best Free] First Grade Multiplication Worksheets- Free Samples

Are you interested in teaching multiplication to your children from an early age? Are you searching for the best 1st grade multiplication worksheets for your child? Do you need help finding the sites that offer the best resources to enable your child to better learn fundamental math concepts?

The concept of multiplication is crucial for young students to learn before they can progress to a more advanced level. Multiplication worksheets are crucial multiplication problems and needs to be creative and well-structured to ensure maximum efficiency in learning.

There are many education websites that offer first grade multiplication worksheets, but they generally vary when it comes to cost, quality and practicality, which can make searching for the best site a daunting task for parents and teachers alike.

We have done extensive research and created a list of the websites with the best worksheets for your child to learn and understand the various concepts of multiplication.

Math Aids

We have done extensive research and created a list of the websites with the best worksheets for your child to learn and understand the various concepts of multiplication.

About the Company:

Math Aids is a world-renowned math learning website which offers 1st grade multiplication worksheets for children to use at home designed for all levels from kindergarten to grade 12. The company employs a teaching philosophy that says children need to learn at their own pace in order to get the most out of their math education.

All of Math Aids’ worksheets, are randomly generated and designed specifically to educate young children in the basics of math and numerical formulas.

Math Aids delivers interactive addition lessons for 1st grade students to develop and sharpen their math skills, providing a solid basis for their future learning.

About the Worksheets:

math aids history

Math Aids provides multiplication worksheets for 1st grade students that are well-structured and easy to work through. They also come with the answers, making it easy to verify and correct your child’s work. The worksheets are also customizable which lets you change any detail you like to better suit the individual needs of your children.

The worksheets are provided in a PDF format, making them easy to print if necessary, and they cover a wide range of topics outside of multiplication such as basic numbers, fractions, operations, geometry, measurements, place value, rounding and real-world problems involving money and time.

The first grade multiplication worksheets are well-designed and flexible, and the website also offers worksheets appropriate for all other age-groups.

Pros and Cons

Math Aids provides free multiplication worksheets which provide an excellent means for understanding the fundamentals of multiplication, and ensure that children can grasp the concepts involved quickly and with minimal effort.

The first grade multiplication worksheets are a great way to test your child’s basic math skills and are provided for free, but the website is also a great resource for kids of all ages from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Through the help of Math Aids’ worksheets, learning math is much more fun and effective for young minds who often hate going through tiring lessons and classes. However, the design and presentation of the website are not optimal and there is significant room for improvement.Nonetheless, the worksheets and resources are of a consistently good quality.

Fees and Memberships

math aid membership login

Math Aids’ 1st grade multiplication worksheets are free to download. The website does not charge you any fees but if you don’t wish to see ads appearing on your screen while going through the website then you must register an account, which costs $19.95 USD per year.

Mental Math Worksheets

mental math worksheets

About the Company:

Mental Math Worksheets is a great math learning website that teaches the core fundamentals of mathematics to children with the help of its math worksheets

Mental Math Worksheets specializes in an innovative and interactive learning approach that helps kids learn mathematics in a fun and exciting way with easily understandable math worksheets.

All of its multiplication worksheets for 1st grade are designed by highly experienced math professionals to help students gradually move to higher math levels through a cleverly designed program.Mental Math Worksheets aims to provide the best worksheets to kids enrolled in classes from grade 1 to 6.

About the Worksheets:

multiplication worksheets

The official website of Mental Math Worksheets offers numerous multiplication worksheets for 1st grade which efficiently teach the basic concepts of multiplication to young children without much help required from their parents or teachers.

Most of the worksheets are very well-structured and can be solved by 1st graders with ease, as the problems’ difficulty matches their intended grade levels. Students will be able to test their individual math skills to solve various multiplication problems and thus improve their overall math capabilities.

The 1st grade multiplication worksheets of Mental Math Worksheets allow children to practice multiplication and solve multiplication problems through various techniques, and the children will get to gradually tackle more complex problems as they progress through their course.

Pros and Cons:

Mental Math offers multiplication worksheets to teach young kids how to multiply numbers and solve complex math multiplication problems. The availability of free samples lets parents try out the site for free, and searching for specific worksheets is simple.

The multiplication math worksheets are only eight pages long, and you can select multiplication worksheets for the 1st grade according to the level of your child or student. The best feature of Mental Math is its pure simplicity and ease of use. Overall, the site offers high-quality content, but the samples design is not very inspiring.

Fees and Membership:

membership for mentalmath

Mental Math Worksheets provides free samples of multiplication worksheets for 1st grade students, but if you wish to gain unlimited access to all the educational materials, you must register an account and buy individual worksheets for $1USD to $2USD.

Worksheets Library

multiplication exercise collection

About the Company:

Worksheets Library is a great website for children to learn and improve their math skills. Not only does the website offer 1st grade multiplication worksheets but it also covers a wide range of topics for students ranging from kindergarten to the 7th grade, making it an ideal resource for parents, students and teachers alike.

The aim of Worksheets Library is to offer some of the finest home and classroom based educational resourcesfor young kids, letting them improve their proficiency in math both inside and outside the classroom.

All of its worksheetsare brilliantly designed to help students understand the basics of multiplication without ever getting bored, and learning through the 1st grade multiplication worksheets offered by the site is a fun and engaging experience.

About the Worksheets:

multiplication exercise for kids

The multiplication worksheets provided by Worksheets Library are very colorful and easy to understand and each worksheet is labeled properly and well-structured, making it very easy to follow even for small children.

With the help of these 1st grade multiplication worksheets, children can understand the concept of multiplication by solving  math problems using various strategies, as well as other topics including subtraction, probability, geometry, algebra and more. All of them are printable but do not offer an answer key.

Pros and Cons:

This company’s worksheets are engaging and colorful, and greatly assist students in developing initial math skills related to multiplication and other skills. Unfortunately, the website is not very user friendly, and going through the membership process and downloading your worksheets can be cumbersome.

Despite the lackluster and inconvenient navigation of the website, the actual math resources such as the 1st grade multiplication worksheets are of a high quality.

Fees and Membership

Worksheets Library is a totally free website and there are no hidden fees or extra costs involved to find and download the worksheets or resources you need.


first-grade multiplication worksheet

About the Company

The main purpose of Myscres is to help children from all age groups to understand and conceptualize various forms of math, and provides some excellent 1st grade multiplication worksheets to this end.

Myscres aims to make learning math a fun process for children with the help of dynamic and easy to understand worksheets.

About the Worksheets

first grade multiplication exercise

Myscres offers samples of 1st grade multiplication worksheetsonline for free that provide math multiplication exercises to help children count numbers from 1 to 10 using various mathematical strategies and formulas.

You can find all sorts of worksheets on their website that are prepared by experienced math professionals including a wide range of topics such as multiplication, subtraction, probability, geometry, algebra and many more. All these worksheets are printable but do not come with an answer key.

Pros and Cons

The multiplication 1st grade worksheets offered by Myscres are randomly generated so that each worksheet is fresh and involves no repetition and can also be printed if needed. They are created by experienced professionals, and the content is generally comprehensive and of top quality.

Unfortunately, the website is pretty unclear and hard for users to navigate, and the lack of an answer key can make it cumbersome for parents to verify whether their kids have solved the worksheet correctly. However, the worksheets themselves are outstanding.

Fees and Memberships

Myscres provides multiplication worksheets for the 1st grade for free and you can access as many worksheets as you want without the need for registration.

Aim Math 

aimmath multiplication worksheets

About the Company:

Aim Math offers a wide range of 1st grade multiplication worksheets that you can download to your device and access at any time. The worksheets can be used by parents and teachers and all of Aim Math’s worksheets are designed in accordance with the curriculum while remaining interactive and fun for the students.

About the Worksheets:

multiplication book

The worksheets provided on the website of Aim Math are specifically created for kids from grades 1 to 6.They contain all the necessary multiplication questions to improve children’s overall understanding and knowledge of multiplication and mathematics in general.

These 1st grade multiplication worksheets are perfect for young children as the problems are very easy to understand and solve. The worksheets also allows kids to learn anything from multiplication tables to complex techniques (such as Commutative, Associative, Identity and Distributive) just by going through the free samples available on the website.

Pros and Cons:

multiplication book review

The website provides high-quality multiplication worksheets for the 1st grade which are in line with educational standards and perfect for young kids. The website is also well-designed and easy to navigate, and everything is organized by grade and skill level. Aim Math is an excellent website without any significant downsides.

Fees and Membership:

Aim Math provides free samples of its multiplication worksheets for the 1st grade but to gain unlimited access to all its worksheets and resources, you must register an account and buy them on a unit by unit basis, with each one costing $1USD.


About the Company

Founded in 1956 by Toru Kumon, Kumon serves as one of the best math teaching institutions in the world. Kumon aims to provide free and easy to use 1st grade multiplication worksheets for parents looking to teach multiplication to their children without complexities or confusion.

Kumon has won numerous awardsfor being a world-class educational website, and the website is designed to make learning math fun through different but brilliant math programs and teaching techniques.

About the Worksheets:

math exercise book

Kumon provides printable1st grade math multiplication worksheets which are designed to help young kids understand the fundamentals of multiplication by solving easy and complex problems one at a time.

The look and design of these worksheets is appealing, with everything organized in a clean and orderly manner. These multiplication worksheets are designed to make learning multiplication fun and engaging for young kids.

The 1st grade math multiplication worksheets are designed by experienced and qualified math experts, so you can rest assured that your child will receive proper guidelines and assignments to better understand the problems.

Kumon’s worksheets are arranged by category such as multi-digit multiplication, lattice multiplication, and distributive property. Kumon teaches all types of multiplication methods and provides clear-cut explanations for each one.

Pros and Cons:

Kumon presents information about the company in a clear and accessible way, proving its authenticity and credibility by giving you a full rundown on its history, goals and management team. Besides the printable multiplication math worksheets, the site also offers extra educational resources on other topics such as reading.

However, a major flaw of the company is that you cannot access its worksheets directly through its website, but rather you have to purchase the resources through amazon.com. This makes it more cumbersome than some of the other companies and websites on this list.

Fees and Membership:

math worksheet membership package

Parents first need to become a member of Kumon by filling out an online form for one of its orientation classes. In addition, parents need to pay for multiplication worksheets for the 1st grade and other learning materials by purchasing them on Amazon.


While this article provides a rundown of the best websites for multiplication worksheets, we have also constructed other lists to help you find the best 1st grade addition worksheets, subtraction worksheets for the 1st grade.

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