9 Best First Grade Addition Worksheets in 2019

Are you searching for the best 1st grade addition worksheets? Are you trying to find the sites that offer the best addition worksheets for the 1st grade?

Addition is an important math skill to master in the early stages of schooling. Worksheets are an easy way to learn the basics of addition in a fun and interactive manner.

With the help of first grade math addition worksheets, your child can greatly improve their creativity and problem-solving abilities in math.

There are many websites that offer fantastic materials but these online math addition worksheet websites vary significantly in quality.

This makes searching for the best addition worksheets a daunting task for both the parents and students. Our research team has investigated and selected the best online 1st grade addition worksheets so that you can save your valuable time and energy.

Math Fox

Math Fox is the brain-child of Mphoweh Jude, a BSc graduate with two years of teaching experience and three years of experience in creating online math activities. The supervisor of the website, Kisito Futonge, has spent a decade teaching English and has single-handedly created thousands of teaching materials.

Math Fox’s 1st grade addition and subtraction worksheets are perfect for children to learn and practice math concepts.

The worksheets help students solve different math addition problems, and the material is exclusively designed for their level. Here you will find expertly crafted basic addition worksheets for kids enabling them to learn various resourceful ways of solving addition problems.

About the Worksheets

first grade addition worksheets

The math addition worksheets for grade 1 provided on the website contain all the necessary addition problems and questions your child needs and the worksheets are specially designed for young kids.

Children, teachers, and parents have the freedom to use materials from any topic depending on their needs. These worksheets are perfect for children at a grade 1 level.

There are more than 25 different printable math addition worksheets for first grade presented in a simple format. The addition worksheets provided are a well guided and effective addition learning resource for children. With the help of these worksheets, children can greatly improve their math skills.

Pros and Cons:

Math Fox is one of the best in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. Its worksheets are great for teaching simple and basic addition skills and the site offers features that help parents teach their kids in a fun way.

Despite this, the website fails to address certain areas that are important. It is limited only to easy addition math’s worksheets for first grade with only simple problems to solve. Nonetheless, the website is still a great way for kids to learn addition and other fundamentals of math.

Fees and Membership

membership cost for addition worksheet

Math Fox provides free addition worksheets for first grade on its website. However, to get access to its full range of worksheets, you have to acquire a membership for $56USD per year for a single user, $79USD for two to 10 users, and $99USD for 11 to 20 users.

Kids Math TV

Kids Math TV was founded by Mphoweh Jude. The website provides several worksheets on a broad range of addition topics, including number sense, mixed operation, money concepts, planar shapes, data graphs, and much more. It offers a huge number of different first grade addition worksheets.

The general intention of Kids Math TV is to make mathematics as simple as possible so that it can be easily understood by learners of all ages.

Kids Math TV provides a few interactive math features, such as interactive online math games. It is user-friendly and can be accessed through mobile devices. Users can access its math addition worksheets for grade 1  as well as for other grades based on grade and skill level.

About the Worksheets

kid math worksheet

Kids Math TV provides math addition worksheets designed to help young kids understand the basic concept of addition with different types of addition problems. The design and layout of these worksheets are precise, clear, and well managed.

Kids Math TV contains additional math tutorials that cover topics from kindergarten to the 8th grade as well as video tutorials to accompany the worksheets.

Kids Math TV allows children to review and preview the math’s lessons repeatedly at ease. With the help of this website, kids can progress and improve with audio-visual learning techniques and they can also practice addition and mathematics by themselves using addition worksheets for first grade.

Pros and Cons:

Kids Math TV has a huge amount of addition worksheets for the 1st grade. It is designed as a tool for teachers and parents to help improve children’s addition skills. The website contains worksheets with built-in options for different number formats. Kids can understand the concept by printing out an unlimited number of copies to supplement their course.

The website is well designed and easy to navigate. Moreover, it also has a wide coverage of all important math topics. Unfortunately, the website does not organize worksheets by grade or level which is inconvenient for users.

Fees and Membership

kidmathtv membership fee for addition

Kids Math TV is an interactive learning website where you can get access to free addition worksheets for the first grade. The worksheets and other educational resources requires a paid membership that costs between $36USD and $76USD.

K5 Learning

K5 Learning was founded by parents for parents. It aims to provide children with better learning tools for use at home. Its math worksheets are designed for children from kindergarten up to the 5th grade and the website offers 1st grade addition worksheets on a broad range of topics for practice.

K5 Learning has adopted an innovative and interactive math learning approach. Its worksheets for the 1st grade are designed by experts and are aimed at students from grades 1 to 6. This website’s math worksheets allow kids to gradually improve their math skills for and improve their performance.

About the worksheet

addition math worksheets for student

K5 Learning’s first grade addition worksheets are dynamically created. They allow students, teachers, and parents to customize the material as per their needs and the standard addition worksheets are randomly created and involve no repetition, thus creating an endless supply.

These addition math worksheets start with simple addition (one-digit) math problems and progress to two-digit number addition in columns. Children can easily learn a lot about addition by following the guidelines set in the these worksheets.

Pros and Cons

The website provides a 14-day free trial period with access to lessons and assessments. In addition, the sample worksheets are designed in a very attractive manner and they are of great assistance to parents in teaching their kids. The children can practice with the addition worksheets for the 1st grade in a set timeframe or at their own pace.

This is a good website to test children’s mathematical skills especially from kindergarten to the 6th grade. However, a few of its features are disappointing, as the website fails to offer users individual worksheets for sale.

In fact, there is no direct link available to buy specific 1st grade addition worksheets. In general, the website offers quality and resourceful contents.

Fees and Membership

membership fee for math worksheets

This website offers sample 1st grade math addition worksheets for free. You can subscribe for a monthly bundle which will cost you $14.95USD per month.

Math Game Time

Math Game Time is a fun website created by experienced educators exclusively for children from pre-kindergarten to grade 7. The primary aim of this website is to aid children and the worksheets allow them to excel and understand addition concepts thoroughly. There are games and videos on the site to make children’s learning more convenient.

Its printable first grade addition worksheets are perfect for kids. Every addition concept is included for them to practice and the website displays different math solving techniques with the help of games and videos. Kids can learn a lot about addition by simply following the guidelines provided.

About the Worksheet

math worksheet game for kids

Math Game Time’s worksheets have some remarkable features and all the addition problems and topics are well explained as well as easy to follow.

The 1st grade math addition worksheets introduce new subjects like double- and triple-digit addition and identification of geometric shapes, in a clear and concise manner.

Math Game Time provides free math games, worksheets, and instructional videos. It combines the fundamental concepts of 1st grade addition with fun and interactive games which allows students to better understand addition in a joyful manner.

Pros and Cons

In general, this website is promising, as it is attractively designed as well as user-friendly. It also has a wide range of innovative videos and math games for different grades and the website provides free addition worksheets for the first grade.

On the other hand, the website looks somewhat boring and the arrangement of topics and overall layout has an uninspiring appearance. Despite this, all of its features and targeted attributes are informative and in general is a good website for kids, teachers, and parents.

Fees and Membership

The Math Games Time website provides free addition worksheets for the 1st grade. There are no extra charges involved to access its online math worksheets.


Math4childrenplus is a complete math course heavily loaded with more than 2,000 activities and 50,000 skill practices, including first grade addition and subtraction worksheets. This website is developed for children from pre-kindergarten to grade 7.

The site offers a wide range of math learning activities along with games, quizzes, and puzzles. Math4children plus has a thorough collection of educational materials to keep your child busy.

About the Worksheets

math tutorial for child

Math4childrenplus provides addition worksheets for the 1st grade. It is designed to help young children understand the fundamentals of addition problems and provides a free education resource that consists of flash cards, board games, puzzles, and more.

The look and design of these math addition worksheets are very appealing and informative and the website provides worksheets covering topics on mathematical operations, place value, and much more. These worksheets sharpen children’s math skills for better performance.

Pros and Cons

addition math worksheet

Math4childrenplus is a professionally designed website which provides an extensive range of first  grade addition and subtraction worksheets that are well structured and extremely colorful.

Despite all the features, the website fails to arrange the content by level of difficulty. On top of this, it employs an overly complex method of explaining addition concepts.

Fees and Membership

This website is a 100% free educational resource that offers 1st grade math addition worksheets. However, for the entire range of detailed concepts, you can purchase the 1st grade e-book for $20USD.

AIM Math

aimmath addition math worksheet

AIM Math is one of the best math learning websites for young kids. AIM Math’s objective is to provide world-class math addition worksheets to kids from grades 1 to 6. The company believes that repeated practice of addition helps kids to learn mathematics with relative ease and provides plenty of first grade addition worksheets to accomplish this.

AIM Math specializes in an innovative and interactive mental math learning approach. All of its math addition worksheets for the 1st grade are designed by experts and the website helps students to gradually move to higher levels through a step-by-step and hands-on math skill program. The math addition concepts provided are sure to build a strong math foundation and they allow children to advance to higher levels with relative ease.

About the Worksheets

addition math worksheet for first grade

AIM Math is a great math tutorial site that specializes in encouraging math learning through visual methods. The AIM Math website provides addition tutorials from kindergarten to grade 10 and the worksheets are well structured and easy to understand so that kids can test their math skills to solve various addition problems.

The math addition and subtraction  worksheets for the 1st grade help children to learn math quickly and effectively. The students can practice writing numbers from 1 to 19 and start with addition exercises from 1 to 3 digits.

Once done with the worksheets, they can make a switch to more advanced worksheets where they have the chance to solve advanced addition problems from three- to five-digit numbers at once. These worksheets cover several mathematical topics and are easily accessible and printable as PDF files.

Pros and Cons

grade one math worksheet

This website is an interactive mental math enrichment program. Its interactive visual learning displays are informative and precise. AIM Math has done a good job to create useful 1st grade math addition worksheets.

Despite this, the site it is not very interesting or engaging. However, it continues to be effective and easy to use. Overall, the website offers high-quality content of for all kinds of learners.

Fees and Membership

AIM math gives free first grade additional worksheets sample. To get unlimited access to all of its educational materials, then you must be a registered user. You can buy extra addition worksheets for $1 and 2$ respectively after acquiring a membership with AIM Math.

Mental Math

mentalmath worksheet book

Mental Math is a great website that uses an innovative and interactive learning approach. The company strives to provide high-quality worksheets for kids of all grades including 1st grade addition worksheets. The company has meticulously designed its worksheets to help students start from a basic level before moving to higher levels.

All of the website’s math addition worksheets for the 1st grade are designed by experts and the company tries to encourage children to discover their full potential with repeated practice. Its two-page worksheets come with a timing feature which encourage children to learn math by having fun and competing against their own personal records.

About the Worksheets

mental math grade one book

Mental Math’s addition worksheets focuses on all the important addition concepts and allows children to learn quickly and efficiently. The worksheets are carefully structured and easy to understand and their design and layout is attractive.

The worksheets contain demonstrations and examples and there are 40 different math worksheets that help students learn how to add numbers and solve math problems related to daily life.

Pros and Cons

math activity

Mental Math Worksheets has a huge amount of math addition worksheets for the 1st grade. Kids can learn the basics of adding two-digit numbers as well as number comparisons. the website explains the concepts related to addition in a clear and concise manner so that kids, teachers, and parents alike can understand.

The homepage of the website is appealing and overall user-friendly. All of the math problems and exercises are fully explained, and the website is ideal for children to improve their math skills.

Fees and Membership

Mental Math offers free samples of addition worksheets for the 1st grade, but to get unlimited access to its entire catalogue of educational materials, you must be a registered user and purchase individual units for $1USD-$2USD.


Kumon is a math learning and teaching website created by Toru Kumon in Japan. Kumon Worksheets are carefully designed for a customized math learning experience and the worksheets help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student. The company offers a great curriculum and first grade addition and subtraction worksheets for kids to learn how to solve addition problems.

Its math worksheets maximize each individual child’s learning potential and the website is designed by a group of experts with years of experience in teaching mathematics. You can find worksheets along with numerous other worksheets for practice and Kumon specializes in incremental steps intended to maximize a student’s abilities.

About the Worksheets

kumon teaching method

Kumon math worksheets are designed to help build the student’s math skills both in school and beyond. The 1st grade addition worksheets can be completed in two 30-minute sessions a week.

Kumon’s addition math worksheets allow children to work at their own pace and the website is easy to navigate and impressively designed, containing easy to understand explanations and great teaching techniques to enable rapid learning and progress.

Kumon covers a huge amount of math topics, including addition, fractions, multiplication, counting and number sequences. Their math worksheets improve children’s concentration and boost their critical thinking skills, making their math addition worksheets for the first  grade a perfect way of practicing and solving math problems.

Pros and Cons

kumon teaching technique

Kumon’s website is professionally created and well managed, and has a dynamic and attractive design. It provides effective worksheets with exercises for basic math skills that are well-designed to motivate and inspire the students.

Fees and Membership

Kumon provides free sample 1st grade math addition worksheets, but if you wish to gain unlimited access to all of its educational materials, then you have to register an account and enroll with a local Kumon center.


IXL is a completely customized math learning website. The company places great emphasis on teaching the core fundamentals of mathematics to young learners in a fun way through various resources such as their 1st grade addition worksheets.

The company has an e-book with online exercises and 1st grade math addition worksheets that contains many different games focused on matching, concentration and flash cards to make learning a more interactive and fun experience for the children.

IXL specializes in algorithmically generated worksheets where every question is unique, with no repetition involved. All of its worksheets are expertly designed to help students learn and practice math at their own pace. Due to its practical approach, IXL is now used by more than 15,000 schools and families worldwide.

About the Worksheets

addition exercise for grade one

IXL presents user-friendly math addition and subtraction worksheets for the first grade based on the Indian math curriculum. These online worksheets are interactive and cover a variety of addition topics in depth from geometry to data handling patterns and much more.

The website provides solutions to the questions with accurate and concise explanations and each question in the addition worksheets is accompanied by pictures to facilitate better understanding.

Pros and Cons

IXL is a fantastic website for kids struggling with learning math. It offers a wide range of practice worksheets for kids from kindergarten to grade 12. Its dynamic nature makes the website more interesting for children compared to other math learning websites.

IXL provides free 1st grade addition worksheets which can be used both by parents and teachers and overall the website is easy to understand and doesn’t contain any confusing sections.

All of its worksheets are labeled and categorized properly on the website but lack an explicit mention of the intended grade level of each worksheet, which can make using them complex for general users who may not be aware of what topics are appropriate for what grade level.

Fees and Membership

membership awards

IXL website is not free, and to access all of the website’s math worksheets, from kindergarten to grade 12, you have to pay roughly $7USD to $8USD per month.


If you’re looking for resources other than addition worksheets for 1st grade, we also have comprehensive guides and lists of the best websites for, subtraction worksheets for 1st graders, and 1st grade math worksheets for multiplication.

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